Monoprice Sends October Chills by Unleashing Its Monolith 16" THX Ultra Certified Subwoofer!


(October 22, 2021) It’s taken a minute, but Monoprice has finally made it official: the company's skull-crushing Monolith 16” THX Ultra Certified Subwoofer is available for purchase. We originally teased the model during August when the company posted a smaller 13” THX Certified model (read here), now you can bring it home (assuming you have the strength to wrestle this 171-pound beast through your front door).

If deep, powerful bass is your jam, the 16” sub should definitely be on your shortlist. Priced at a wallet-friendly $2,299, it delivers output well below 20Hz with a driver surface area nearly equal to dual 12” subwoofers. In fact, when running with three of its *four* ports open, the 16” THX Certified Ultra is rated to pound down to 14Hz. Each of those ports are tunable, however, allowing owners to experiment between sealed and all ports opened for drastically different low-end rolloff.

Monolith’s all-new 16” high-excursion, low distortion driver is driven by a 2,000 watt RMS (3,000 watt, peak) Class D amplifier with 48-bit DSP processing. Monoprice says the amp's transfer function, power output limiting, and thermal protection are monitored to the millisecond and customized to the 16" sub's woofer and cabinet air volume combination. The result is maximized headroom, quick transient response, high output, and very low distortion.

The sub’s High-Density Fiberboard cabinet and strategic internal bracing lend to an inert enclosure that’s sonically inert and vibration-free. Its overall look is highlighted by sleek, rounded corners and a gray oak finish.

The Monolith 16” THX Ultra Certified Subwoofer can be purchased now, with free standard shipping within the United States.
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