Michael Fremer Plans Summer Launch for TrackingAngle.com, a Site Dedicated to All Things Analog


(June 17, 2022) Coming to an internet machine near you, veteran audio journalist and music writer/critic Michael Fremer is launching a launching a new online home for the pioneering 90s-era print magazine The Tracking Angle. The all-new TrackingAngle.com is shaping up to be an analog utopia, covering vinyl records, turntables, phono cartridges, and phono preamps, along with interviews with musicians and audio industry experts. It will also feature “vintage content” from Fremer's original Tracking Angle columns at The Absolute Sound and The Tracking Angle magazine.

As this new venture begins, Fremer is leaving behind AnalogPlanet.com, the vinyl record-centric website he conceived and edited since its creation more than a decade ago. He says that TrackingAngle.com will be staffed with lots of familiar faces, as well as some new contributors. The TrackingAngle YouTube channel will resume immediately broadcasting Fremer’s unique brand of analog-centric knowledge, insight, and humor that attracted over 50,000 subscribers to his previous channel, featuring videos that have received more than a half-million views.

Also teaming with Fremer are former TTA partners Nick Despotopoulos and David L’Heureux (Groovy Collectibles LLC), who will run all aspects of website operation and handle advertising sales.

Visit https://trackingangle.com to sign up for a mailing list that will let you know when the site goes live!


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This is exciting! I remember attending a live event in the Bay Area, CA some years ago where Michael Fremer was hosting a turntable setup + Q&A seminar. He is a treasure chest of fascinating info and really just a great person to speak with.
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