Measuring With UDIO-8 and Audio Interface SPDIF Out.


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Nov 6, 2019
I have measured before and I generally know how to go about it but this time around I am attempting to use ASIO in particular the minidsp ASIO driver to try and ensure more stable delay times between drivers as previously I have had erratic delays.

Hopefully someone here has experienece with the UDIO-8 as an interface setting up tri-amp/multichannel systems.

I have configured my focusrite, and I have checked it through REW that mix controller sends info out of the SPDIF out. And all my speaker configs are good to go.

So my questions are the following mainly around how to use the UDIO-8 input which I have never used before.

1. Do I just connect the RCA cable from the Focusrite out to the BNC input with an adapter between the two RCA connections?
2. Does it go into input 1/2? I mean do I have to somehow route the inputs for UDIO-8 to know that it will recieve input? My understanding is that 1/2 do not need routing they work autmotacally.
3. and do I choose minidsp ASIO or Focusrite ASIO for playback and input in the measurement box? I think it has to be minidsp ASIO but I am getting no feeback for the mic so I must be doing something wrong.

Any advice will help.
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