Looking for input on my config and why I *might* be lacking bass.


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Jan 9, 2023
I'm hoping for some clarity on this. I've recently been questioning my sub output as I would expect it louder. I do feel movies sound decent, but when I am listening to heavy bass music, I feel it is lacking. Even looking at the subs, I don't feel like they are moving as much as I would expect. I am a lot more familiar with car audio than HT, so maybe that is it. My car was very bass heavy pushing 145db at the window. Maybe I am just deaf lol

I am running Audyssey from my Denon AVR with a miniDSP to time align and EQ my subs. I did this a while ago and haven't really messed with it since. AVR defaulted to -7 for the sub level, but I have been playing it at -3 with DEQ on.

I used REW to develop the target curve which was at 75db. I tried to build a target curve with it around 10db higher at 20hz compared to 100hz. I think the end result was closer to 6-7db higher.

I am running 2- HSU VTF 3 MK5s with both ports open EQ2. One sub is front left of the room and the other is rear right of the room. My room is fairly large and not a dedicated room. It doesn't close and the right side opens to the basement stairs, another room and the bathroom.

I did some testing tonight and attached is the graph I got. In the past I got rid of that dip around 70hz by adjusting the sub distance a few feet, but I didn't have a chance to do that before the kids got home. To me that should give me a pretty good sound. I've attached some of the other graphs, from previous testing. To me I should be getting a good sound, but again I feel it's lacking. I've also tried other sub locations like both up front and this can be the best response.

I think my next step is to re-run audyssey to get closer to a -11 trim and then bump that up to -5 to -3 and go from there. If i need to add more gain at the sub I will. Any other tips suggestions

Denon 3700h
Nvida Shield pro or laptop as source


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May 23, 2017
Our hearing is less sensitive at lower frequencies—search for Fletcher-Munson curves to understand this effect. To compensate, you should apply what is commonly referred to as a 'house curve' to boost the bass response at lower frequencies to compensate. Don't overdo it to the point where you exceed the Xmax of the subwoofer—usually defined as the point where the THD is ten percent—at higher volume levels.

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May 21, 2017
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The easy answer to “need more bass” is to simply turn up the subs, via the AVR’s menu or the subs directly.

As mentioned, a house curve with a slope down starting at 25-30 Hz might make a difference.

Unfortunately, except for the frequency response graph, your pics are too tiny to make anything out of.



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Jan 9, 2023
I am not sure why the images got so small. My apologizes and thanks for the info.
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