Linearise LS response by calibration file for mic measurement

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    Dear experts,

    At first: Thanks a lot for this marvelous software!

    I need to measure some microfones using REW for which it is necessary to have a linear response of a loudspeaker. The normal way is to use a good linear loudspeaker and measure it´s frequency response using a calibrated mic. Next step is to change the mic calibration file in that case that the response will be linear. Using now the mic which I want to measure instead of the calibrated mic with the previours measured loudspeaker the resulted frequency response will show the the response curve of the mic. Thats the theory.
    The question is how to create in an easy way the new mic calibration file. Best way will by to let REW create the new mic calibration automatically. At the moment I have to step over 615 points for my UMIK-1 which I want to prevent. One aspect i sthe long work to do it and the other more importnad thing is, that the loudspeaker and the environment will change by time. So I have to do this procedure often.

    Any idea how to create automaticall this calibration file?

    Thanks a lot for your help and tips.

    Best regards
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    You can use the trace arithmetic features of the All SPL graph to divide the test mic measurement by the ref mic measurement then export the result as a text file. You may wish to adjust the level of the result or the measurements beforehand to have zero correction at your preferred frequency, e.g. 1 kHz.

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