Line mixer with digital inputs?


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Aug 8, 2023
So I built myself a stereo with mostly second hand pro audio parts. There's a Behringer DEQ2496 at the input. My inputs are curently a "DS200 Pro" bluetooth receiver that does LDAC, for "bluetooth speaker" tasks, and the computer's SPDIF output.

The problem is that DEQ2496 has multiple inputs, but they need to be manually selected. So I'm looking for a way to combine the multiple SPDIF sources. There are several SPDIF switches on Amazon but none are automatic. I saw a project on Tindie that seems to fit the bill - up to 7 inputs, auto-switching for around $150. But then I thought maybe there's a mixer with SPDIF inputs... so I found three candidates for mixers:
  • Roland M-1000 "digital line mixer". It's a 1U rack-mount mixer with SPDIF inputs and AES3 + SPDIF output.
  • MOTU 8D, desktop "half 1U" audio interface/mixer/DSP that can also run in stand-alone mode.
  • MOTU LP32, from what i read it's the same as 8D but uses Lightpipe ADAT
The Roland M-1000 is my favorite of the bunch - has a nice "pro audio" aesthetic, but it's unobtanium. It's not available anywhere used, and it's discontinued.
The MOTU 8D looks like a nice piece of gear. No real controls on the front, but it's a very capable device for $500 (can't find one used). It's also limited to 2 input channels
The MOTU LP32 is actually "Lightpipe ADAT" but apparently it can also work in plain Stereo SPDIF LPCM. It provides 4 in/4out but i'm not sure if it's a full matrix - worst case it would be 3 in 1out but it seems to be a 4x4 matrix + DSP, $600.

The MOTUs can probably replace my DEQ2496 which is a nice bonus. Will need a SPDIF to AES adapter to convert it to my VENU360 but that's a minor issue. Though the DEQ has a nice feature, the Dynamic EQ which i use to boost bass at low volumes and it's great.

Any other suggestions? I'd like a mixer with at least 3 inputs (can be optical or coax), 1U rackmount ideally. Should be under $500.


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Nov 21, 2016
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Wish I could help, friend. I get what you are trying to accomplish, but the implementation is well over my head.

Good luck. Stay in touch.
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