Increase Number Of Filters In EQ

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    Have some setups where having 3 more Filters would give me near perfect results but 20 is max.
    Therefore could we get a slider, or a number we can set for the amount? I mean we can reduce the amount but not increase.

    It´s 2019 and even my phone has now 40 Bands EQ filter would be nice to get the most out of it.
    Purpose would be APO (unlimited amount filters) and Neutron (40 Filters).
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    I've found that the number of filters is usually more than adequate, because you can achieve nothing by attempting such a granular approach as compensating for microscopic response changes. Above a certain Q and below a certain gain, the filters and response changes are inaudible, and spacially variable. When dealing with speakers in an acoustic space, you would want to average multiple measurements taken within a cluster of mic positions and apply smoothing to get the real audible picture.

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