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    I'm a glad user of REW and really appreciate the effort to make a great piece of software.

    The standard for room calibration and measuring is to use spatial averaged measurements. Most users use a single mic and move this around and while this is an ok approach it is not the optimal way of doing it, as it is not possible to verify the changes as you cannot place microphones in exact same postions when re-measuring. And it is time consuming! The correct way is to have 4-8 microphones and being able to average the measurements from all of these.

    I'm currently doing this with a microphone multiplexer.

    My feature request to REW is either...:

    1. (Best solution) Allow REW to measure from multiple inputs at the same time. REW will do FFT on each of the inputs and either show all measurements when done or show the average. (When average, phase info is of course lost).

    2. Allow REW to automatically cycle through inputs on the soundcard while in RTA-mode. This way REW will act as the multiplexer and remove the need for an external device. A scaled down version of this feature would be a pop-up where input can be selected manually while measuring.

    I know this request is probably not something the average user needs, but it is functionality which could make REW on par with enterprise software like Smaart.

    If feature requests should be created elsewhere, let me know.

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    Capturing from multiple inputs is on the todo list, but I don't know when I'll get to that.
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    While I admit multiple mic measurements is something I would appreciate; I'd like to remind the use of multiple mics is a source of uncertainties (because they don't measure the same) and I don't get the point of worrying because of a point you can't find to measure again.

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