FAQnatics is Prepped and Fueled for Launch, Join Its First YouTube Live Chat This Thursday!


(November 14, 2023) Friend of the home theater community – not to mention a great friend of mine – is launching a new venture called FAQnatics. It all begins this Thursday (November 16, 2023) at 6 PM PST with a maiden YouTube Live Chat that kicks off an excellent idea led by one of the industry's most engaging brand ambassadors and product trainers.

This special event brings together the luminaries of the industry—AV Nation, Youthman, Jiles McCoy, Bright Side, Brolic Media, and AV NIRVANA—for what FAQnatics says will be "an engaging and enlightening discussion that delves into the heart of FAQnatic's mission and vision."

During the chat, the conversation will revolve around FAQnatics, a brand-new YouTube channel dedicated to addressing a diverse array of Frequently Asked Questions, by a team of Fanatics who love educating people on various topics we should all know a bit about. Covering a broad spectrum including technology, indoor & outdoor lighting control, automated shades, home theater design, security systems, whole-home audio, performance cars, watches, liquor, finance, and general household tips, FAQnatics aims to distinguish itself by not just offering opinions but seeking the factual truths sourced directly from engineering, manufacturing, and other expert authorities.

"At FAQnatics, our aim is to democratize knowledge by presenting a 'best, better, good' approach, accommodating diverse budgets without compromising quality," remarked Brett Bjorkquist, Founder.

Many in the home theater community may remember Bjorkquist as an affable, witty, and highly knowledgeable PR and training expert at Kaleidescape. I was lucky enough to work with him on a review project during his time at Kaleidescape and can confirm that his friendly and passionate demeanor is no different behind the scenes – he's genuine to the core. He's since founded MRKTMKR, a firm specializing in product strategy, training, and dealer and consumer engagement, and is now bringing FAQnatics into the fold.

Join the conversation live on our YouTube channel and immerse yourself in this enlightening and entertaining dialogue. Subscribe now to ensure you are part of the journey: https://www.youtube.com/@faqnatics
Aug 7, 2021
Thanks Todd! I'm looking forward to kicking this new channel off, and think it will be a great site for consumer education on a wide range of topics.

I've been a life-long learner, both as part of my career and personal life, and am looking forward to sharing that knowledge, as well as helping find answers to new questions that the community asks about. It can be hard to find "good information" out on the net, and while opinions may vary, my commitment is to try to offer the most objective information possible in order to make it easier for people to make what are often big decisions in their life. Whether it's technology in the home, cars, finances, investments, or any other topic, we can all use a little help and objective information from time to time.

You can register for the live chat here: https://streamyard.com/watch/8dKnBBKwF9S9 and definitely subscribe to the channel so you don't miss any of the content: https://www.youtube.com/@faqnatics

Chat soon,

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