dARTS Theater Launches New Linear Bass Array and 5000 Series Speakers


(September 12, 2022) MSE Audio, parent company of dARTS Theater, has announced a new subwoofer stack called DCB410-SUB. Standing nearly eight feet tall, this 210-pound floor-to-ceiling beast of bass features an array of eight 10-inch passive woofers powered by two rack-mountable 350 Watt (700 Watt peak) mono block amplifiers (DC410-SUB, included).

A single stack offers a driver area equivalent to a 28” woofer, with output digging down to a devastating 16Hz (122dB, 1 meter), and that's without considering the possible depth enhancements offered by room gain. Because the cabinets are trapezoidal in nature, they can a easily be positioned in the corner of a room.

“The DCB410-SUB line array experience is like nothing most home theater listeners have ever felt or heard; the linear wavefront impacts your body in a way that makes you feel the bass as much as you hear it,” explains Ken Hecht, Vice President. “When used as a double-bass array, room modes can be actively reduced giving more even coverage in the listening area.”

MSE Audio is also launching a newly designed 5000 Series of active speakers under the dARTS name. Featuring a new cabinet shape with a lightly textured matte-gloss black finish, Hecht says the new 5000 Series speakers represent “the most extensive update ever done to the dARTS line.” Part of the update includes a new ribbon tweeter cable of reaching 40kHz while and producing peak output levels of 124 dB.

dARTS active speakers utilize DSP based crossovers, equalization, and time correction prior to amplification. Each woofer and tweeter is directly coupled to an amp channel, leaving nothing in the audio path to degrade the signal. And every driver in the system is custom tuned to match within 0.5 dB of each other, lending to highly precise reference level playback.

MSE Audio and dARTS Theater will be in booth 31109 (near Sound Room 3) at CEDIA 2022.


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