Best Buy to Exit Selling Movie Discs, Physical Media Takes Another Hit

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(October 16, 2023) According to the Digital Entertainment Group's (DEG) current numbers, the first three quarters of 2023 haven't been kind to physical media. Sales of movie discs have fallen an average of 28% as compared to the first nine months of 2022, while digital sales (largely carried by subscription streaming) have increased nearly 17%.

Them's the facts, my fellow enthusiasts, and they aren't pretty.

As 2023 has unfolded, we've watched as Disney has ceased disc distribution in Australia and Netflix, which cut its teeth shipping discs through snail mail, ended its mail service option. And now, to rub salt in the wounds of physical media fans, big-box retailer Best Buy has revealed plans to phase out sales of discs by early 2024. As first reported by the blog The Digital Bits and confirmed by Variety, Best Buy will no longer sell DVDs, Blu-rays, or 4K UHD Blu-ray discs in its stores or online, as it moves to better service its customers with "new and innovative tech." And while this might feel rather abrupt to consumers, Variety says this has been in the works for nine months.

The retailer will reportedly continue to sell video games in stores and online.

Best Buy's departure as a major disc retailer leaves many questions, including which domino is the next to fall. While Amazon likely stands as the largest disc retailer in the US, Target and Walmart are strong second tier big box options, with Target largely scaling back its in-store disc presence in recent years. Could Target or Walmart be the next to cave?

There's also the little matter of Best Buy's previously exclusive 4K and Steelbook releases. According to The Digital Bits, Paramount's Best Buy exclusives have slowly migrated to Amazon. Will other studios follow suit?

No matter how you slice and dice this news, its a bit of a sad day for the disc-minded enthusiast. And while it doesn't spell the end, it's certainly another nail in the coffin.

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Yes, indeed sad to see. I will continue with Amazon for disc purchases. But eventually, I fear and we all will likely see no disc options in the near future even at amazon!

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