Augmenting central channel by front channel woofers


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Apr 3, 2023
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I am wondering if it is possible to set up configuration in Audiolense that would allow central channel to be augmented by woofers of L and R channels?

I have a three way active L/R speakers and a passive central speaker which has an F3 half an octave higher than my mains. So i was wondering if it is possible to set it up so that woofers of the mains are used both in the mains and in the central channel, providing a bit of lower end and then passing it to the subwoofer.

I am mainly going to listen to stereo that is upmixed with NuGem Audio UpMix which is able to route some low signal to the mains, but i do not trust it for this specific job :) I'd want crossover to be done by Audiolense. And i also do not want or need a separate subwoofer channel since i can set up UpMix for only 5 channels and routing signals to the sub i'd rather have implemented in AudioLense convolver.

Is this possible?
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