Andover Audio Begins Shipping Its New TrueGrain Cork Record Mat


(May 12, 2022) Andover Audio has launched its TrueGrain cork record mat. A perfect fit for Andover’s SpinDeck and SpinDeck Max turntables, the TrueGrain mat can be placed on nearly any turntable platter.

Andover’s TrueGrain material is composed of 100% cork harvested from mature groves in Portugal, eschewing cork-sawdust and cork waste typically found in cheaper record mats. Cork, as opposed to man-made materials, naturally reduces unwanted vibrations and resonances, helping to reveal the most subtle analog details locked within your favorite records' grooves.

TrueGrain's manufacturing process results in a 0.15" thick disc, cut to precise tolerances and rendered with an ultra-smooth, leather-like surface. In addition to damping vibrations and reducing noise, TrueGrain is designed to diminish static buildup while providing an extra layer of physical protection that won't lift off your turntable's platter.

Andover says TrueGrain is cut to 11.9" in diameter and is manufactured in the USA. It can be ordered direct from Andover for $39 plus shipping. Click here to learn more or to order.
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