Amazon FireTV 4-Series or similar Omni Series


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Apr 2, 2017
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I am looking for a 55-inch (or thereabouts) lightweight 4K TV that has the Amazon FireTV built-in... I think. I'd like to have one with Amazon Cube built-in, but not seeing it.

I need something light weight so I can move it in and out from inside to outside under the outdoor patio. I'll have a Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro outside to connect it via WiFi... so good WiFi is important.

The FireTV is important because we need Dish Anywhere so we can be sure to get our football games outside.

Looking at the following as an example... very reasonable at $520...,B08T6J1HG8,B07KGVB6D6,B079QHML21,B0874YZVWK,B07GB61TQR,B08VN2P2ZG,B07FPP6TB5,B08YJQQM6X,B08P4YG1VQ,B08C2X9JYZ,B00N15KSN0,B08Z8PQ4KB,B091YM7DP5,B091TF1SY1,B08Z265BJH&srpt=TELEVISION&th=1

It says it's only 25lbs, which seems too light for a 55" model... but maybe that is correct. That would certainly be easy enough to move around. The 50" is only 21lbs and $469.

Of course FireTV is easy enough to simply plug into the back HDMI port, so it doesn't have to be specifically an Amazon TV that is made by who knows. Built-in would be convenient though... and wouldn't have to keep up with the stick.

It will set on top of the table but that might be an issue with wind... so I may have to get a shorter stand for it and keep it in the area inside the table and firepit.

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