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    Calibrate Dolby Aoms with REW

    Hey, I am new to this community. I am planning to build in house 7.1.4 Dolby Atoms setup with active monitor. I am confused here there are two options to use one is the sound card and audio interface to connect these many outputs. The question is after I will do the calibration inside the REW...
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    Windows 10 not outputting to all channels

    Hello all, I've looked through the available information here but have not found anything resembling my issue, so here it is. My AVR is connected to computer via HDMI and it sees 7.1 and I can hear test tones from each speaker when using windows sound settings. In Rew it will not play individual...
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    Testing Testing 1,2,3... - Is this thing on??

    Hello All, so I just wanted to start off on the right foot... and other than the mic check was curious about posting norms regarding 1. advice on a speaker build (driver measurement and how cabinets affect impedance and as a result crossovers) 2. moving this from a hobby to a career 3. got...
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    Setup Focusrite 2i4

    I'm using REW for the first time with a Focusrite 2i4. My Dayton Audio EMM-6 is going to input 1. I have the R output looped to the input 2. I can hear sound thru the mic in my L monitor. Once I hit the calibrate button ,the screen is frozen and the next button is not available to hit.
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