1. P

    Behringer UMC1820 on Linux - maximum input level -57 dBFS.

    Hi, I have a laptop with Linux Mint where I am running the previous major release of REW. I usually use UMIK and it works perfectly - as well as the internal soundcard both for FR and impedance measurement. I tried to set up two channel measurement using the UMC1820 sound card and ECM8000 mic...
  2. VIP /Audio dedicated room

    VIP /Audio dedicated room

    This is my small audio room aprox. L4.5mxB3.5, very difficult to balance the sound ! But with the stereo active Adam A7X set paired with Adam SUB 10 and a little eq'ing with a Behringer DEQ2496 it's very enjoyable. Also experimenting with acoustic threatment and REW EQ helps alot to get the...
  3. Schmidt123

    Measure and evaluate quality of USB audio interfaces!? (Presonus, Focusrite, Mackie, Behringer)

    Hi guys, I am a musician. At my studio I have an RME-Fireface. Now - because of corona reglementation - I cannot go there and I want to buy a simple cheap USB-Audio-Interface to mix some old recordings, maybe record something new and listen to music. I have 3 interfaces here to test: Presonus...
  4. blackcorvette

    Behringer Ultra Drive Pro DEQ 2496 Help

    hello, i have 3 subs and tried to bring them in phase. And now iam done so far and will the rest create with the PEQ ´s. I Use the Auto EQ function from REW , but the results are not the same as REW show me . BW Oct 0,750 by REW is 1/7 on the behringer Display right ?
  5. Chris Lineau

    RT60 Reverberation Time Measurement Variations

    Hi guys, first of all hello to all of you! I think it is great we have such a platform here to discuss REW! I managed to successfully install and calibrate REW and all SPL graphs look fine and are approx. the same no matter how often I measure, but when I want to measure the RT60 I have big...
  6. M

    Which Mic & Set Up

    Hi I'm new to REW but I'm using it to understand the response in my home studio, with a view to adding treatment I'm on a 2015 MacBook Pro, El Capitan with a Focusrite Clarett 8Pre audio interface, connected by Thunderbolt. The DAW I use is Studio One 3. Can you help with two questions please...
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