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This is my small audio room aprox. L4.5mxB3.5, very difficult to balance the sound !
But with the stereo active Adam A7X set paired with Adam SUB 10 and a little eq'ing with a Behringer DEQ2496 it's very enjoyable.
Also experimenting with acoustic threatment and REW EQ helps alot to get the transcending stereo music feel!

For now it's a stable setup :cool:


Wow... how neat... I was just looking at the A7X to potentially setup a nearfield listening gig in my room. It's hard to tell, how close are you to the speakers?

What are the acoustic panels on the side walls?

Thnx :T
I'm sitting in a triangle of 1,7m, foto is a widescreen so the perspective is a bit off...

The acoustic panels are DIY, a combination of different ideas found on the internet.
1- wooden frame stuffed with rockwool
2- acoustic transparant fabric around
3- acoustic foam@ the front
4- hanging 10cm of the wall
Wow... that's pretty much nearfield listening in that case. So that makes sense with the A7X speakers. I've heard back from Adams and they are going to try to get us a pair of the A7X speakers for our evaluation. Maybe I'll get a chance to hear a pair in a nearfield setup.

I like the acoustic panels... very well done.

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