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My home theater consists of:
Onkyo RZ920 receiver
Yamaha YDP2006EQ for the EQ on the mains
Samson Servo 600 amp powering the main left and right channels
3 EV Sentry 500 monitors across the front, 4 Mission 762i's Surrounds, SVS PB13U sub
Panasonic BDT220 bluray player
Denon CD/Tape combo unit
Alesis multimix 8 channel mixer with iPod dock
Sony T120 turntable
Harmony 1100 remote
Nintendo WiiU
For the projector I am using a Panasonic PT-AE8000 on a 120" 2,35:1 fixed screen


So i built in a new rack and installed all my old classic computers including an Apple IIGS, Amiga 4000 and Amiga 2000HD. Ive also put in the old JVC digital S deck, a Panasonic S-VHS deck and Sony Hi-8 deck that I used when I still did wedding videos and other promotional videos.
All of the gear still works including my Amiga 4000 from the early 1990s that has hardware in it called the Video Toaster Flyer allowing hard drive based audio/video editing long before this was common to the PC

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