• Preamplifier - Elekit 8500 - My favorite audio device - can be line level or active gain, MM and MC options, clean accurate sound.

    Power Amplifier Elekit 8200 (807 power tubes, 12bh7 signal tubes - 4 beautiful WPC in Triode)

    Backup Amp (party music) - Lepai 2020 Tripath - Surprisingly good and musical. Not super accurate but it has better control of my woofers than my critical listened amp.

    Stanton ST 150 Turntable with Denon 301mkII cartridge

    Onkyo C-7030 CD

    Klipsch Quartets

    IMF ALS40ii (need tons of clean power for these - working that out now, but you are rewarded with dynamic and accurate sound reproduction.)

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  1. Sonnie
  2. Matthew J Poes
    Looks good. Love the Elekit gear, I haven't seen their recent stuff, nice looking chassis.
  3. Todd Anderson
    Nice looking gear! I see vinyl!!! :T