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  1. Todd Anderson

    The Wait is Over: The New Spears & Munsil Ultra HD Benchmark (2023) is Shipping Now!

    (May 16, 2023) Home theater fans, it's official., the official distributor of the all-new Spears & Munsil Ultra HD Benchmark (2023) disc set, is shipping the latest installment of a must-own calibration and evaluation tool. Years in the making, Stacey Spears and Don Munsil have...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Screen Research Receives Certification Stamp from Professional Video Alliance – An Industry First!

    (February 1, 2023) The Professional Video Alliance (PVA) was founded five years ago by video industry veteran Gregg Lowen. Known for his extensive knowledge relating to standards, calibration, and setup within the video segment – not to mention his hand in creating the THX Video Training Program...
  3. mechman

    DIY Video Calibration How-To using CalMAN

    DIY Video Calibration How-To using CalMAN This thread will be a DIY display calibrations walk through/how-to using SpectraCal's CalMAN calibration software. Before we get started I think it's best if we discuss/describe/define our goal or at least what should be our goal in calibrating our...
  4. mechman

    ISF Certification

    I have just finished the ISF 3 day course and, after submitting my test, I will be a Level 3 ISF Certified Video Calibrator. It was a pretty good course in Tampa Florida taught by Joel Silver. There were parts that didn't interest me that much (I am not a system integrator and I don't do any...
  5. mechman

    CalMAN 2017 Released

    For those of you who calibrate your displays using CalMAN: CalMAN 2017 Released CalMAN 2017 is Now Available for Download This is a major release, with many important new features. You must be current on All Access to upgrade to CalMAN 2017. Click here to renew your All Access. New Features...
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