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  1. mechman

    DIY Video Calibration How-To using CalMAN

    DIY Video Calibration How-To using CalMAN This thread will be a DIY display calibrations walk through/how-to using SpectraCal's CalMAN calibration software. Before we get started I think it's best if we discuss/describe/define our goal or at least what should be our goal in calibrating our...
  2. mechman

    ISF Certification

    I have just finished the ISF 3 day course and, after submitting my test, I will be a Level 3 ISF Certified Video Calibrator. It was a pretty good course in Tampa Florida taught by Joel Silver. There were parts that didn't interest me that much (I am not a system integrator and I don't do any...
  3. mechman

    CalMAN 2017 Released

    For those of you who calibrate your displays using CalMAN: CalMAN 2017 Released CalMAN 2017 is Now Available for Download This is a major release, with many important new features. You must be current on All Access to upgrade to CalMAN 2017. Click here to renew your All Access. New Features...
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