1. M

    miniDSP + UMIK Input Conflict

    I don’t know if this is a MacOS or REW setting that I need to resolve. When connecting both a miniDSP 2x4 HD and UMIK-1 to separate USB-C inputs on my Mac, only the miniDSP appears among the REW inputs. I can’t access the UMIK-1. Same on the Mac MIDI Settings utility. Given both devices are...
  2. T

    Correct way to compare two microphones with REW

    Hello! I'm trying to calibrate two handheld recorders by comparing their frequency responses to UMIK-1's frequency response using REW. I have made 17 measurements in different places of the room facing different directions and now want to compare them. the measurements were done by putting...
  3. deercreekaudio

    Using Delay Settings to Integrate your Audio System

    Using Delay Settings to Integrate your Audio System - Deer Creek Audio has just published this new tech blog you may find of interest Deer Creek Audio is an authorized miniDSP dealer
  4. S

    Two UMIK-1 mics?

    Hi All, I am wondering if it is possible to use two UMIK-1 mics with REW and a PC to speed up measurements? I know that there is licensed multi-mic version, which is not really meant for multi Umik-1 config but I wonder if I could have two of them in two different positions in the room and...
  5. M

    Newbie: phase adj of subwoofer using REW + Umik-1 (minidsp)

    I would like to compare delay of signal passing through subwoofer to delay in stereo speakers. Purpose is to align the signals in the crossover point using phase adjustment on subwoofer. Can I use REW with only a Umik-1 from minidsp for this? I'm completely new to REW and it seems like the...
  6. S

    Two UMIK mics with very different low-dB spectrums. Have you seen this behavior?

    I am aware that Mini-DSP has modified newer UMIK-1 mics, to 'alleviate' the USB noise spikes (and that this isn't a problem when analyzing a speaker). I -didn't- know this until I purchased a newer mic... and measured these two very different noise levels. I have ordered an SPL meter, to...
  7. M

    Please take a look at my graphs. Please?

    What can be done to further improve sound in my Home Theater? I ran Audyssey, then ran REW with MiniDSP and UMIK-1. Did the filters for my 2 Dayton Sub1200 and a smaller Jamo. Please be kind. It is my first attempt :cool:
  8. akl

    Absolute dB SPL calibration of digital MICs

    A digital MIC with calibration data has the enormous advantage of NOT needing an additional calibrator. (Of course the provided CAL-data has to be correct). A digital MIC like all USB-MICs may be used as a calibrated Sound Level Meter right out of the BOX (after applying the cal-data and an...
  9. W

    SPL Level "Over" UMIK-1

    Hi There, i have recently connected a UMIK-1 mic to REW with a particular interest in the SPL module. when i am measuring sound levels of the ~90dBa range (~100-105dBC) i start getting the "Over" warning appear. i also notice that the levels meters are showing very close to 0 (i.e peaking). is...
  10. R

    Feature request? Subwoofer phase measurement with band limited timing reference

    tl;dr: Is there a way to band-limit the acoustic timing reference e.g. to 80-120 Hz so the data makes (relative) sense when crossing a sub to the mains? Hi there, quick Intro first: my name is Robin. I'm from Germany and I was bit by the HiFi bug 20 years back, when an old car battery, car...
  11. P

    REW does not find Umik-1 on Ubuntu 18.04

    Hi all! I am about to set up a REW workstation based on an old Dell laptop computer, running Ubuntu 18.04. The problem is that REW does not find my Umik-1 microphone. Symptoms: 1. The ”Measure” icon is grayed out. 2. I can record using the microphone using Audacity. 3. I can use REW with the...
  12. F

    External signal for measuring reverbation time in REW

    Hello, I´m quite newbie here, so please take that in account. I recently bought UMIK-1 measuring microphone. I´m interested especially in measuring reverbation time of bigger rooms, RT60. Yesterday I tried to measure RT60 using sweep sound implemented in REW. However at school, we used gun...
  13. R

    REW + UMIK-1 : RTA : erroneous low freq spectrum ?

    Newbie to this forum ... your enlighten is very much appreciated. Just got my UMIK-1, and I am not sure why I get so much unexpected spectral reading on low freq ( < 30 Hz ) ? The test the scenario, runs on a win10 desktop, with crappy speakers ( still betther than those on a laptop ) 1) Run...
  14. C

    UMIK-1 is not recognized by REW+ASIO4ALL

    Tried two computers to run REW 5.18+ASIO4ALL+UMIK-1 and got slightly different results, but both are not acceptable. On both computers UMIK recognized right after connecting and when you say something the level bar is changing, i.e. the system can see it. On the first AMD based computer with...
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