1. Todd Anderson

    Stenheim's Alumine Two.Five Floorstander Debuts at High End Munich

    (May 18, 2023) Switzerland's Stenheim is known for its metal. Utilizing aluminum cabinets and high-efficiency drivers, the company says its speaker designs "bring out the natural beauty and elegance of the finest recordings." Its latest effort is the all-new Alumine Two.Five, a passive two-way...
  2. Todd Anderson

    $30K, Limited to 50 Pairs. Meet Perlisten's New S7t Limited Edition Tower

    (May 17, 2023) The home theater industry needs more of this. Limited edition, specialized runs that cater to the wants and needs of a subset of enthusiasts. We recently saw a great example from McIntosh Labs, giving Dead Heads a fun limited product to enjoy. And now we're witnessing an audio...
  3. Todd Anderson

    Definitive Technology Dymension Series Deep Dive and First Impression Review

    Definitive Technology launched its all-new Dymension Series of high-performance loudspeakers several weeks ago. Harnessing the advantages of a bipolar speaker design and active low-end drivers, the Dymension Series gives enthusiasts access to an entirely unique sound experience loaded with...
  4. K

    Windows 10 not outputting to all channels

    Hello all, I've looked through the available information here but have not found anything resembling my issue, so here it is. My AVR is connected to computer via HDMI and it sees 7.1 and I can hear test tones from each speaker when using windows sound settings. In Rew it will not play individual...
  5. Tom L.

    JBL STAGE A130 2-way Bookshelf Speakers – Full Review!

    The Review "Back in the day" (Mid-Seventies) … I had plenty of opportunities to work with, and listen to, a full range of JBL speakers. From large-scale PA systems to home stereo systems and studio monitors, I had the chance to work with it all. My impressions, at that time, were of speakers...
  6. Todd Anderson

    Full Review: Monolith MM-3 Powered Multimedia Speaker System

    Monoprice’s advanced lineup of Monolith branded gear has shattered the brand’s low-budget image. Initially launched three years ago, Monolith has earned a solid reputation for delivering affordable enthusiast-grade performance across a range of product categories, including desktop audio. The...
  7. Todd Anderson

    Watch Audioengine's A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Get Unboxed!

    Have a bunch of reviews prepped and ready to go live... time to reveal some unboxing! Here, we see a red version of Audioengine's A2+ Wireless Speakers get cracked open. Review is coming soon!
  8. Todd Anderson

    Video Review: Monoprice's 8" Alpha Series In-Ceiling Speaker

    “Bang for the Buck” is a phrase that’s tossed around rather loosely in the audio world, even when considering gear that costs thousands of dollars. Monoprice.com is one manufacturer that’s known for offering legitimate bang for little buck across a wide range of product categories, originally...
  9. Matthew J Poes

    Dayton Audio MK402 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    The reason why Dayton Audio produced the MK series of speakers is simple: to fill the niche of a good sounding speaker offering a solid upgrade in performance over what is typically available in this price class. The trick for Dayton Audio is how well they executed this package. Does the MK402...
  10. Todd Anderson

    Axiom Audio Announces New Wireless Speaker and Subwoofer Models

    Axiom Audio Announces New Wireless Speaker and Subwoofer Models (Axiom Audio) (January 26, 2018) Axiom Audio is expanding its presence in the high-end wireless space by announcing five new wireless speakers. The company’s new wireless offerings are based on best-selling speaker models in its...
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