Stenheim's Alumine Two.Five Floorstander Debuts at High End Munich


(May 18, 2023) Switzerland's Stenheim is known for its metal. Utilizing aluminum cabinets and high-efficiency drivers, the company says its speaker designs "bring out the natural beauty and elegance of the finest recordings."

Its latest effort is the all-new Alumine Two.Five, a passive two-way floorstander built upon the simplicity of the company's original Alumine Two, featuring a single 1" soft dome tweeter. Priced at $23,500, the Two.Five offers greater cabinet volume and double 6.5" bass drivers for lower extension while remaining highly efficient. That efficiency opens the door to generous amplifier compatibility, including low-power designs.

“The Alumine Two.Five is an important introduction for us because its price puts it within reach of a greater number of music lovers who want to experience the Stenheim sound for themselves,” said Jean-Pascal Panchard, CEO-Owner, Stenheim Suissa SA. “Although it is our entry-level floorstanding speaker, there is nothing entry-level about its performance.”

If you find yourself in Munich at the High End show, you can hear the Alumine Two.Five in action at Atrium 4.1 Room F113. Shipping should begin in Q3 2023.

Also, at Munich, Stenheim is introducing a solid aluminum billet platform for the company’s Reference Ultime Two and Three speakers.

Designed to enhance stability and ease of setup, the new Reference Platform creates an enlarged footprint and a high range of adjustment. It also simplifies switching from castors, enabling speakers to be easily positioned with spikes. Speaking of spikes, the platform is compatible with three ends optimized for thick carpets and hard and delicate floors. Optimal set-up is achieved through knurled knobs that provide 10 cms/4 in. of height adjustment.

The Reference Platform can be seen in Munich in the Dartzeel room, Atrium 4.2 Room F213. Stenheim has yet to release pricing information but expects shipping to begin in Q3 2023.

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