1. New Custom Built Studio & Guestroom

    New Custom Built Studio & Guestroom

    Dear AV community. I’d love to share my latest custom building project optimizing a L-Shaped room being beneficial for music and leisure. The room is currently in the building process. From a 5.1 setup - the 2.0 configuration is good to go. The main aim was to achieve a critical listening...
  2. Schmidt123

    Measure and evaluate quality of USB audio interfaces!? (Presonus, Focusrite, Mackie, Behringer)

    Hi guys, I am a musician. At my studio I have an RME-Fireface. Now - because of corona reglementation - I cannot go there and I want to buy a simple cheap USB-Audio-Interface to mix some old recordings, maybe record something new and listen to music. I have 3 interfaces here to test: Presonus...
  3. Living Room / Home Cinema / Audioholic Room

    Living Room / Home Cinema / Audioholic Room

    For a house, bought shortly a high-end Home Cinema with Audiophile qualities shall be built. Controllable via Siri, Google Home and Home Automation System. The aim is to enjoy a great surround + atmos experience (7.4.4), uniform bass response, very low distortion up to reference gain at the...
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