high dynamic range

  1. Todd Anderson

    madVR Flexes Its Tech Muscle at CEDIA 2022, Rolls Out New Certification Program, Previews Motion Smoothing!

    (October 3, 2022) madVR made a huge splash at CEDIA 2022, with its Envy Extreme video processor featured in quite a few demo rooms across the show floor. Before the event started, CEO and co-founder, Richard Litofsky, and his team spent extensive time showing me Envy's rich feature set and...
  2. mechman

    High Dynamic Range - HDR in Layman's Terms

    HDR or High-Dynamic Range came shortly after the huge influx of HDTVs became common in most people’s living rooms or theaters. It replaces what most everyone is currently using which is the Standard-Dynamic Range (SDR) video display. It adds more depth creating what most folks consider an...
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