fir filter

  1. PassionforSound

    Outputting Impulse Responses for FIR on EverSolo DMP-A8

    Hi all, I'm REALLY hoping someone can help me with a weird issue so I can make a video to help folks with the DMP-A8. I'll try to summarise the situation briefly: Measure speakers using UMIC-1 (all good) Create appropriate filter settings in REW (all good) Export filter settings as impulse...
  2. Todd Anderson

    The Hang Loose Convolver Makes a Perfect Match for REW’s Convolution Filter Support

    (October 24, 2022) Accurate Sound Reproduction Services’ all-new Hang Loose Convolver (HLC; Mac and PC) gives discerning enthusiasts the ability to accurately compare audio filters, side-stepping science-based pitfalls that might otherwise impact audio comparison and evaluation sessions. This is...
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