1. T

    Impulse response anomaly?

    Hi there Using 5.20 version. When I measure l speaker followed by r and look at impulse response, both spikes are to the left of time 0. How do I align these in preparation for creating impulse response for convolver. Do I just move t0 over to first spike and then move other spike to match...
  2. Todd Anderson

    The Hang Loose Convolver Makes a Perfect Match for REW’s Convolution Filter Support

    (October 24, 2022) Accurate Sound Reproduction Services’ all-new Hang Loose Convolver (HLC; Mac and PC) gives discerning enthusiasts the ability to accurately compare audio filters, side-stepping science-based pitfalls that might otherwise impact audio comparison and evaluation sessions. This is...
  3. M

    Convolver or external sweep playback

    Hi REW people-- I have no doubt this has come up before. if so, please point me to the relevant thread. I would like to use rePhase ( with REW. Ie, I would like to create an impulse response filter based on an REW phase sweep exported/imported in...
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