• thought you may get a kick out of my “home theater” system in China. Been here for a month now and I am ready to come home! Leave tomorrow for the US :-)

    55” Konka 1080P TV
    2 - unknown brand computer speakers
    My iPad with about 20 movies loaded on it (it’s not enough :-)

    I do so miss my room....

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  1. tripplej
    I love love this setup especially the stands. lol. Got to love it all! :)
    1. Tom Lehman
      I had to search far an wide (the house anyway) for these stands. One of my first priorities when I land is seek out a decent sound bar that works on 220V when I get back. This is my mother-in-law’s place so I am free to “upgrade” as needed :-)
      Tom Lehman, Nov 27, 2018
  2. Tony V.
    You do what you gotta do, no point in spending alot of cash if your not staying long.
    1. Tom Lehman
      Hi Tony, The problemis I make this trip two to three times a year now that we are “retired”. While it is always a good trip the month or so each time seems to last a year.... ;-)

      But you are right.... it’s adapt and overcome all the way!
      Tom Lehman, Nov 27, 2018
  3. Todd Anderson
    This might be my favorite showcase system yet!

    Creativity - yes
    Unique style - yes
    Brand I’ve never heard of - yes
    Unique speaker - yes

    What else could you possibly need??? (Besides more movies!!!)
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    1. Jack1949
      You forgot to mention the custom speaker stands.
      Jack1949, Nov 27, 2018
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    2. Tom Lehman
      Hi Todd,
      Thank you! “Unique” is a great description of the speaker.... I have been to several large TV/Department stores in this area but they don’t even carry sound bars or computer speakers that I can find. The sales guys just give us a blank look and try to sell us a bigger TV :-) I know in Beijing there are some high end AV stores somewhere but they all seem to be really Hi-End! I did find a JBL store in Guangzhou (Big JBL logo signage) in one of the big malls. Interestingly enough they had not a single piece of JBL merchandise! Hmmmmm?

      need more movies!!
      Tom Lehman, Nov 27, 2018
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