SOWK’s Home Theater

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  1. danzilla31
    That is simply stunning I don't even have the words. Very very beautiful and well done theater and outside area. And that JTR system man Id love to be you in that room!
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  2. climber07
    GREEN with envy. Very nice setup.
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  3. JStewart
    Seeing your Batman poster had me thinking how awesome it would be to hear Hans Zimmer with all that JTR goodness going on!
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  4. tripplej
    Wow. I love it. Also, the outside room looks great as well. Great job! Thanks for sharing.
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  5. Grayson Dere
    I love the minimalist black box theater design : D

    Are those subwoofers that flank the left and right of the screen in the 1st gallery image?
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    1. SOWK
      Those are my wides. JTR 212HT’s
      SOWK, Jan 30, 2019
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  6. Jack1949
    That is one heck of a home theater, including the concession area! Would love to hear that JTR system! Congrats on a job well done.

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  7. Tom Lehman
    Very nice design details. Is the area in front of the screen an acoustic treatment to control floor reflections? It seems very "Stage-Like" in appearance.

    I also love the concession/diner area and the details that make it really pop (including a Cash Register!!)!

    Well done!

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    1. SOWK
      In front of the screen is dual purpose. Blacking out the area in front of the screen for less reflections from the projector and some first reflection absorption for the center channel and Left and right channel.
      SOWK, Jan 30, 2019
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  8. Todd Anderson

    That is quite a setup. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Self designed? Or did you reach out for some pro help?
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    1. SOWK
      Self designed. But had contractors get me to dry wall at least. I took over after that. But the design was mine and done about 10 years ago now.
      SOWK, Jan 30, 2019
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  9. Tony V.
    Ohhhh!!! what a system! those are stunning speakers.

    An awesome room by the way as well. its very clean and functional.
    Love the separate concession stand area
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