• Very small Basement room with concrete outer walls. Ceiling is made of acoustic plates Ecophon Focus-C. The walls are covered by huntonit plates (a kind of mdf) and they are about 10-15 cm thick on top of the concrete with 7,5 cm Glava isolation. The concrete floor is covered by Berry Alloc plates.
    Size about 3,65m X 4,4m. Height only 2,07 m.
    Mainly used for stereo listening, but it also contains home cinema equipment.

    Equipment use for stereo: Hegel H160 integrated, Audiovector S3 Avantgarde, Sunfire HRS-12, Source is usually Airplay built in to the Hegel streamed from a Macbook Pro or streaming from Tidal.

    Home Cinema equipment: Marantz SR6010, Samsung UBD-K8500, Audiovector C-series as surround speakers, Monitor Audio C256-IDC as atmos speakers built into the ceiling.
    Samsung LCD 70"

    I have used some acoustic plates to reduce the first reflection from the main speakers. I used the mirror method to find the placement of those. I have not yet done anything with the second reflection because I'm not sure if it would be good for the sound. I will try to figure out more of the necessary treatment by using the REW.

    I have tested with some big temporary Base traps in the back corners of the room. I can't say that I heard any difference.

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  1. Matthew J Poes
    Very nice setup.
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  2. Tony V.
    Very nice system, have you tried placing a thick throw rug on the floor between the media unit and where you sit? it might help with the sound as well.
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    1. Knut Ø. Mikelsen
      I just tried a normal size carpet. I couldn´t hear a difference. How thick should it be you think to really hear a difference?
      Knut Ø. Mikelsen, Oct 12, 2018
    2. Tony V.
      A shag stile throw rug would probably help
      Tony V., Oct 14, 2018
  3. tripplej
    Very nice setup. I like the look and feel. You will have lots of great time in the new sound room. :)
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