1. Todd Anderson

    Andover Audio Introduces New SoundBites Series, Debuts Affordable SpinStage Phono Preamp

    (November 18, 2022) Andover Audio recently introduced a new series within its ranks of affordable audio gear. SoundBites, as it's called, is designed to provide access to component-driven audio without draining the wallet. Its first entry is a phono preamp called SpinStage. Launching at $249...
  2. thrillcat

    Fluance RT85 Turntable Review: Today's Best $500 Table? [VIDEO]

    The Fluance RT85 is not a new turntable to the market, but I'm now in the market and I wanted to know if it compares as strongly today as it did when it was originally released. I had a bit of an epiphany while I was editing this video as to WHY exactly I'm in the market for a new turntable. As...
  3. A

    2020 VPI Walnut Prime Special for Sale

    2020 VPI Walnut Prime Special from Upscale Audio. The table is in impeccable condition and is less than a year old. The table is in my second home so it is used about a week every other month if that much. The table has the same platter as the top level VPI tables and the HW40 feet. I also...
  4. S

    Turntable DIY open source projects

    I know and feel that this is mainly a forum for Audio/Video in the meaning home cinema but...... I just have to show you my newest DIY turntable gear (I hope this is OK!? :D First out is a RPM speed check gadget that will help turntable owners to tune their TT's to the correct speed. This gadget...
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