2020 VPI Walnut Prime Special for Sale


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May 1, 2021
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2020 VPI Walnut Prime Special from Upscale Audio. The table is in impeccable condition and is less than a year old. The table is in my second home so it is used about a week every other month if that much.
The table has the same platter as the top level VPI tables and the HW40 feet.
I also upgraded the tonearm to a VPI 10” VPI FatBoy, $4500 and it has a Nordost tonearm cable and the armbase for on-fly VTA adjustment.
I have everything, including the box, lubricant bottle, and the feet I replaced with the HW40.

You can have the table for $4500 + shipping and insurance.
The price is not negotiable.
The cartridge is not included.


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