1. F

    Home Studio Treatment - Measurments and Questions

    Hi AVNirvana! So I'm looking to do some upgrades to my home studio in terms of acoustic treatment. At the moment I only have some 1 and 2 inch cheap foam at first on first reflections on the walls and ceiling, and a bookshelf in the back right corner. I realize they don't do all that much and...
  2. TAM

    DIY Monitor Desk

    I recently built a solid beech studio monitor desk with a 'slide out' keyboard draw. I produced the plans to use two 3m solid beech kitchen work tops. The drawing includes a cutting schedule. If anyone wishes to use this for themselves, feel free. The desk turned out to be a very nice quality...
  3. C

    Understanding REW measurement

    Hello, I am working on a home studio project having two pair of studio monitors one of them is KH 310 A which I used for testing. I have done measurements as per REW guidance I obtain from here and there. I want someone to validate my acoustical solution for this room by checking my data of...
  4. Living Room / Home Cinema / Audioholic Room

    Living Room / Home Cinema / Audioholic Room

    For a house, bought shortly a high-end Home Cinema with Audiophile qualities shall be built. Controllable via Siri, Google Home and Home Automation System. The aim is to enjoy a great surround + atmos experience (7.4.4), uniform bass response, very low distortion up to reference gain at the...
  5. J

    Buying New Midfield Monitors - Need some opinions

    I currently have some ATC SCM20ASL Pro mk2 6.5" Powered Studio Monitors, I LOVE them. I use them to mix. I want to buy something to listen to when I am sitting behind the mixing position (Couch) and for the customers of my studio. Below are my choices for midfield/farfield monitors to buy. 1...
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