room acoustics

  1. O

    How to simulate "loudspeaker sound" when listening through headphones

    I like listening to music at a louder level than my neighbours would appreciate, but somehow listening to music through speakers is so much more enjoyable than through headphones, even though headphones are far more accurate. I assume this is due to missing the room acoustic (or maybe something...
  2. M

    Whats your thoughts on passive room mode treatment?

    Hi guys, I have been working on room mode for some time, my room is about 6m x 4m x 2.4m, and having first problematic mode at ~52hz, ~60z and ~90hz, and I almost tired every passive method, eg. >4in absorbent on wall, membrane type bass trap on wall, corner bass trap, but do not really help me...
  3. Hugo Zanqueta

    Binaural Measurement

    I am building my binaural head, probably using 2 Minidsp Umik-1. I want to know if someone have experience using binaural heads to measure room acoustic and if possible use 2 microphones in the REW. Have a nice day
  4. C

    Spl meter and more....

    SPL meter, Recommendations? I want to start learning about room measurement, any pointers (meter, programs, articles) to get started would be much appreciated!
  5. L

    John Mulcahy - Creator of REW!

    An AV NIRVANA VIP is John Mulcahy. We want to highlight John because for the AV NIRVANA community, which consists largely of audio and video hobbyists and DIYers, the advent of the ability to do our own analysis of the behavior of our systems in our actual rooms really changed things. When...
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