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  1. Todd Anderson

    McIntosh Launches New MB25 Bluetooth Transceiver – Giving Users Multi-Point Connectivity

    (June 13, 2024) McIntosh Labs has launched the MB25 Bluetooth Transceiver, a reboot of its older MB20 model. Designed to seamlessly integrate Bluetooth streaming capabilities into virtually any high-end home audio system, the MB25 ensures that audio enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite music...
  2. Todd Anderson

    The Trip Continues... McIntosh Strengthens Bond with the Grateful Dead, Releases Limited Edition Wireless Speakers

    (May 16, 2023) In 1974, McIntosh and the Grateful Dead made music history with a legendary Wall of Sound. Forty-eight McIntosh MC2300 amplifiers delivered a blistering 28,000 Watts of power to create a groundbreaking system that immortalized the Dead as a live act in the annals of rock history...
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