lg oled calibration

  1. mechman

    Calibrations of 2017 LG OLEDs

    I've done several of these so far. As a matter of fact, LG OLEDs seem to be the only thing I'm getting called for when it comes to calibrations. I figured I'd start a thread here on them. So far I've done two C7's, a B7, a C8 and I'll be doing an E7 soon.
  2. mechman

    Calibrating LG C7 OLED

    This will be a thread detailing my ventures into calibrating LG's C7 OLED. If you have any experience with this display and the calibration of it, feel free to add to it! :T I am currently up to date on two video calibration software packages - ChromaPure and CalMAN. The other options that I...
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