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  1. Othello Cinema

    Othello Cinema

    Having dreamed of a home cinema for decades, in 2011 I finally had a home with a space for a dedicated home theater, which evolved constantly over the years into a very high-performing room. And in 2021, we moved across the country. I packed pretty much everything up except for the screen and...
  2. Todd Anderson

    JVC Releases Its New D-ILA Projector Firmware Update

    (November 15, 2022) JVC's much anticipated free firmware update for its current generation of D-ILA projectors, including the consumer and pro series DLA-NZ9/DLA-RS4100, DLA-NZ8/DLA-RS3100, and DLA-NZ7/DLA-RS2100, and the entry-level lamp based DLA-NP5/DLA-RS1100, is now available for download...
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