in-wall subwoofer

  1. Travis Ballstadt

    SVS 3000 In Wall Subwoofer System Review [VIDEO]

    I love watching movies. I hate seeing gear. Subs are generally a sacrifice, since you have to have big subs for big bass, right? For the past few weeks I've had the good fortune to be the first reviewer to get my hands on the new SVS 3000 In Wall Subwoofer System. Having a relatively flexible...
  2. Todd Anderson

    NextLevel Acoustics Begins Shipping Its New CI-IW10RS-PRO Dual 10" In-Wall Sub

    (September 12, 2023) Promising weighty output down to 18Hz with a max SPL of 118dB (1 meter), NextLevel Acoustics says its new passive CI-IW10RS-PRO Dual 10" in-wall is ready for prime time. Developed to fit within the constraints of 2x4 construction, the CI-IW10RS-PRO utilizes two 10" cast...
  3. Tom L.

    The Elegant and Capable Fusion Frame Soundbar and CI-IW10S In-Wall Subwoofer Solution from Next Level Acoustics - Full Review!

    The Review When I was asked to review the Fusion Frame Soundbar and its companion CI-IW10S in-wall subwoofer from Next Level Acoustics I jumped at the chance. First of all…. This speaker just looks good! Secondly, The combo has an outstanding and intriguing design pedigree with Mr. John...
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