1. Todd Anderson

    Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A3070 AV Receiver Review

    It’s always fun to unwrap a new flagship receiver, especially when it’s stamped with a Yamaha badge. Three years ago, I had the privilege of taking the company’s revolutionary RX-A3050 AVR for an Atmos test drive and it literally blew the doors off my reference home theater. Much has...
  2. mechman

    High Dynamic Range - HDR in Layman's Terms

    HDR or High-Dynamic Range came shortly after the huge influx of HDTVs became common in most people’s living rooms or theaters. It replaces what most everyone is currently using which is the Standard-Dynamic Range (SDR) video display. It adds more depth creating what most folks consider an...
  3. Robert Zohn

    HDR10, Active HDR, Dolby Vision and other HDR schemes

    I'm starting this thread for three reasons. First, it's among the hottest, most discussed, and somewhat misunderstood but highly relevant subject to the new TV System that we are all beginning to embrace with significant growth among novices and enthusiasts alike. Second, we have several HDR...
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