1. John Platanitis

    Panasonic DP-UP820/JVC LX-UH1 Screen Shots

    [As a follow up to my previous post regarding how impressed I am with both the JVC LX-UH1 and the Panasonic UP820, here are some pics of 4K Blu Ray content, from “Aquaman”. The colours in Aquaman are exceptional. I’ll let the pics do the talking. Images were paused, so any lack of sharpness is...
  2. John Platanitis

    Screen Shots From JVC LX-UH1

    Hi i again fellow projector enthusiasts. Happy New Year 2019! Some months ago, I did a thread on my new JVC LX-UH1 Projector and how impressed I was with it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So for any who may be curious, or considering to purchase one, I offer these screen shots...
  3. Michael Scott

    Ready Player One - 4K Blu-ray Review

    Ready Player One Movie: :4.5stars: 4K Video: :4.5stars: Video: :4.5stars: Audio: :4.5stars: Extras: :3.5stars: Final Score: :4.5stars: [FLOAT_RIGHT] [/FLOAT_RIGHT] Movie Steven...
  4. Bhoot

    HDR on Epson 5040ub/tw8300

    As we drive on the left side of the road with a RHS steering our PJs carry a different name as well on this side of the world. I did a complete upgrade to my equipment and decided to splurge a bit. With the Aventage A3070 and Kef t205 with a pair of kef t101 and TAGA in ceiling I would say I...
  5. mechman

    High Dynamic Range - HDR in Layman's Terms

    HDR or High-Dynamic Range came shortly after the huge influx of HDTVs became common in most people’s living rooms or theaters. It replaces what most everyone is currently using which is the Standard-Dynamic Range (SDR) video display. It adds more depth creating what most folks consider an...
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