1. Othello Cinema

    Othello Cinema

    Having dreamed of a home cinema for decades, in 2011 I finally had a home with a space for a dedicated home theater, which evolved constantly over the years into a very high-performing room. And in 2021, we moved across the country. I packed pretty much everything up except for the screen and...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Anthem Launches Its Next Generation Room Correction Software: ARC Genesis

    (May 5, 2019) Room Correction has become a major focus in the home theater and 2-channel space, and Anthem just made a serious move to keep its “Anthem Room Correction” horse in the race. Days ago, the company officially launched the third iteration of its regarded correction suite. Designated...
  3. Wife finally allowed me to have a home theater!! :D

    Wife finally allowed me to have a home theater!! :D

    It’s far from done but my childhood dream of having friends and family over to enjoy movies in my very own home is finally coming true... With an average of 5-10 hours spent per week listening to music and watching movies in my 2,500 cu sf sealed room, I wanted to make a system that can really...
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