Wife finally allowed me to have a home theater!! :D


It’s far from done but my childhood dream of having friends and family over to enjoy movies in my very own home is finally coming true...

With an average of 5-10 hours spent per week listening to music and watching movies in my 2,500 cu sf sealed room, I wanted to make a system that can really perform for both...

Here’s the equipment list so far:
- Anthem AVM 60 preamp/processor
- 5 channel Rotel RB 985 mkII amplifier
- Kef R300/ Kef R600c / Kef LS50 / Dynaudio Audience 50
- Hsu ULS-15 mk2 sub
- Samsung 4K player
- PS4 gaming console
- BenQ HT2050 projector
- Elite pull-down 100” screen

- 7 channel amplifier (200 Watts minimum) for full Atmos sound (7.2.4)
- Kef Ci160QR ceiling speakers
- at least a second Hsu sub

Any suggestions or comments welcome. Thanks for looking and more to surely come!


Nice looking setup! I agree with Matt: you have some nice gear on hand!

In terms of comments, have you tried any isolation stands to lift your front speakers from the cabinet surface?

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