Wife finally allowed me to have a home theater!! :D


It’s far from done but my childhood dream of having friends and family over to enjoy movies in my very own home is finally coming true...

With an average of 5-10 hours spent per week listening to music and watching movies in my 2,500 cu sf sealed room, I wanted to make a system that can really perform for both...

Here’s the equipment list so far:
- Anthem AVM 60 preamp/processor
- 5 channel Rotel RB 985 mkII amplifier
- Kef R300/ Kef R600c / Kef LS50 / Dynaudio Audience 50
- Hsu ULS-15 mk2 sub
- Samsung 4K player
- PS4 gaming console
- BenQ HT2050 projector
- Elite pull-down 100” screen

- 7 channel amplifier (200 Watts minimum) for full Atmos sound (7.2.4)
- Kef Ci160QR ceiling speakers
- at least a second Hsu sub

Any suggestions or comments welcome. Thanks for looking and more to surely come!
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Nice looking setup! I agree with Matt: you have some nice gear on hand!

In terms of comments, have you tried any isolation stands to lift your front speakers from the cabinet surface?
whats your amp an sub upgrade budget

for id suggest the MODEL 7000X 7-CHANNEL AMPLIFIER from outlaw audio ist a sub 1 grand balanced amp that will pair with that Anthem

an then get two crown xli 800 for your two pair of height channels

which still might be to much for listed speakers as they all apear to be a max rms below 200watts at 8ohms

now as for sub upgrade if i had mad money oh how id love two of those Hsu ULS-15 mk2 sub but for my budget an id say for you to hang on to or sell

that Hsu ULS-15 mk2 sub an for a little more dough then one new one do two custom built sonotube subs

get two 16in round 3ft sonotube from discountcontractorsupply.com vis a custom order

an then two skaraudio vxf-15in dual 4 ohm subwoofers

an either a crown xls 1502 or the 2502 which evers in your budget the sub is very good an wiring down to 2 ohms will allow them to get the best power output from either

if you model this driver in winisd in a sealed config at 3.5ft3 a very nice response you get at 15ft out from the listing position at either 775watt or 1200 watt both are rated at 2 ohms

if your listing position is closer then 15ft the spl will be louder an the sonix renforcement of two in the room will make it even more

if you go by https://myhometheater.homestead.com/splcalculator.html an put in these specs


an if your ceiling is 8ft the easist and best is to put one on either side of you seating aiming up to bounce back down which gives you an 8ft listing dis you could defintly achive this
with the crown xls 2502\


the total cost for either not counting shipping or tax an assuming you have a router is 1350$ a little less with the 1502

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