Negatron ii HT

This is my current setup in Mexico


This setup started when we moved to Mexico to retire (of course I listened to others and sold 90% of my old setup, and totally regret selling them). Currently we have the following:

3 DIY Klipsch k402MEHs (new cabinets coming soon
Xilica XP 4080 crossover
Marantz AV 8805A preamp
DIY Icepower 7 channel BTL amp
3 DIY Icepower amps for the front 3 compression drivers
Zappiti Reference media player
Denafrips Athena stereo preamp
Denafrips Pontus ii RtoR ladder DAC
Lumin U1 mini audio streamer
Roon Rock with lifetime subscription
Panasonic UN820 4k player
UnRaid NAS
Ubiquiti network wired with Fiber optic cabling
2 UPSs
12 DIY acoustic absorption panels
13' tall Theater curtains
2 NUCs for PC and Roon Rock
LG 85" FP

Level shot of ht
32 front wall
Endtable top view
Roon Rock


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