My 5.1.4 Klipsch Setup.

My humble 5.1.4 Setup


Heya folks.

I have always liked good sounds and pictures when watching movies, but its only within the recent years that i could afford a decent system.

So i have been playing around with setting on my living room, i live in an rented apartment so cant really do anything crazy, so i work with what i got.

The sound and padding setup is as good as its gonna get (i think) without it looking just stupid ...mostly lol :greengrin:

Comments are welcome about my wall padding, its pretty much setup by seeing vids and google on where the worst reflections should be, i didnt use the mirror trick no one to help with that.

The "only" thing i need now is the perfect rew calibration (still learning, rew newbie)

The "stuff"

Front right/left and surround right/left : Klipsch Reference R-41M
Center : Klipsch Reference R-52
Sub : Klipsch R-8SW aktiv subwoofer 8"
Height speakers front : Atmos Klipsch Reference R-40SA
Height speakers rear : Atmos Klipsch Reference R-41S
Amp : Marantz SR7015 - 9.2


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