• This is my family room setup. It is plain and simple nothing fancy as you can see since I do not have a dedicated room but the family and I enjoy it.
    Samsung F8500 60" plasma.
    The mains are SVS Prime and Kreisel DXD 12012 subs with Proficient brand in ceiling speakers. DENON X4200 and Oppo 103D player with Panamax M5300 PM.

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  1. Todd Anderson
    Looking great Asere! :T:T
    1. Asere
      Thank you!
      Asere, Feb 21, 2018
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  2. tripplej
    Very nice setup.. Thanks for sharing. Does that WW statue fall if the sound is too high?
    1. Asere
      No it stays put. Now on top of the sub that's different :)
      Asere, Feb 20, 2018