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*Updated March 2022*
My basement theater used mainly by me, but occasionally my wife and two kids will join me. I have a 7.2.4 setup, with an Emotiva BasX A7 powering my ear level Klipsch speakers, and my Onkyo TX-RZ840 powering the Klipsch speakers being used for Atmos in the ceiling. I have one SVS PB-2000 Pro in the front next to the TV and another PB-2000 Pro along the back wall between the two rear surround speakers. My display is a 2014 model year 70 inch Sony 4K TV and I am using a Panasonic DP-UB820 for discs. Streaming is done with an Apple TV 4K.


Very nice and clean setup. I love it. :)

How old are all the equipment? All 2014 as well? Any plans to update?
Thank you trippleJ!

The speakers are Klipsch Reference: two R-28Fs, an R-25C, and 8 R-15Ms. No current plans to upgrade the speakers. The TV is hopefully getting upgraded this year. I've got my eye on a 77" A80J, but I am waiting for the new model to come out so the price on it drops a little. The subs and amp are all new as of 2021. The TV is the only thing that I really feel needs to be upgraded right now.
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Nice set-up, looks like a great place for watching movies. Good call on waiting for the price drops coming with the introduction of the new model TVs. I'm currently using the 77" A80J, you're going to love that OLED. Watching Dolby Vision on that OLED, I feel like I'm rediscovering TV / movies again. Enjoy!!

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