9.3.6 Home Theater System

Family Movie Room



This is my 9.3.6 movie room setup. I hope to get a larger OLED TV and Paradigm Founder speakers for the fronts at some point.

System Includes:

Emotiva XMC-2 (9.3.6)
Emotiva XPA-9 Gen3
Emotiva XPA-6 Gen3
Panasonic UB820 4K Player
Apple 4k
4 Paradigm Studio 60 v.3
1 Paradigm Studio CC-570 v.3
4 Paradigm Prestige 25s
6 SVS Prime Elevation
2 Paradigm PW-2200 v.2
1 Rythmik FV18


I agree. Very nice and clean. Look is awesome! Congrats and thanks for sharing. :)
Been there and done that! It's one of those exercises that's super tempting to gloss over and leave a mess... but if you do, you'll eventually pay the price. Way easier to spend the time organizing and tying off the right way from the get-go.
So if I understood correctly, you have 3 sub woofers 2 Paradigm and 1 Rythmic? Are they used simultaneously?
BigDan, we have similar speakers and a similar setup (I use Paradigm speakers in a 9.2.6). I just finished treating my room using Anthony Grimani's recipe and it made a night and day difference FWIW.
Thanks for the info. The only issue is getting the wife’s buy in. Pretty sure she will have some strong objections. Need to figure out a way to pretty these up a bit to help convince her to let me do it.
IDK your wifes taste but many companies now offer acoustic panels wrapped in art prints. You can even customize it and they'll print your pictures onto absorption panels:

Diffusors often look attractive by themselves but can get a little more expensive:

UA-Acoustics offers combo panels that are absorber/diffusors that look nice and are reasonably priced. I use them on my front wall and they work well:


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