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    So living in an apartment these days and I find the HVAC is kind of annoying when trying to watch TV or a movie so I decided to try another set of Bluetooth headphones. Picked up a set of MPOW H19IPO from Amazon. Priced at $39 with a $10 Amazon coupon and a $10 Amazon gift card included in the...
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    History Channel: Grant

    I watched most of this but have not quite been able to catch all of each episode. Sure wish History would go back to being The History Channel. Grant reminds me of when The History Channel churned out a lot of very good programming rather than the majority cash grab reality T.V. garbage it spews...
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    Hello from Bombay, India

    Welcome to the forum, glad you could join us.
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    What would you do differently?

    If I had not gotten married and subsequently divorced... twice. I would have had a lot more money to spend on my hobbies. That said, I never really did a Home Theater.
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    Welcome aboard Sergio, glad to have you with us.
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    Leaving solid state gear on all the time??

    I leave my amp on all the time but not for any type of audio benefit. I do it to help reduce thermal cycling which should extend the life of most electronics.
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    Hunt is on for new TV

    Yes, seems like a pretty good compromise between quality, cost and performance. Really like the black level. I've also read that the B9 peak brightness is not as good as the C9... that may be true as far as measured performance but wow, it's plenty bright in my room. Now to decide if I want to...
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    Hunt is on for new TV

    Yeah,... well,... impulse buy on Friday. LG OLED55B9PUA. The 55 fits better than I expected.
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    Hello from Warsaw Poland!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hello from SW France

    Welcome aboard, glad to have you.
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    New member

    Welcome to the forum. Glad you could join us.
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    Hello from Oslo, Norway

    Welcome aboard!
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    Hunt is on for new TV

    Thinking I can live with the old Panny for a bit. I'm interested to find out a little more on the LG OLED 48CXPUA. That might be just what I'm looking/waiting for.
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    Hunt is on for new TV

    I sit about 8 feet back from my display. For the time being I have moved my Panasonic TC-L32C3 to the living room from the bedroom (never really watched TV in the bedroom) and it does quite well, if a bit small. It'll do until I can decide on a new one. Only problem with it is, I think it is...
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