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    Streamers Unite

    I'm a Pandora user when Wi-Fi is available otherwise it's music downloaded from iTunes. My biggest complaint with Prime music is the iOS13 requirement. I mean, really? I'm positive my iPad mini 2 can handle a little music streaming.
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    Hello Egidio, glad you could join us.
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    Welcome, glad you could join us.
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you with us.
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    Streamers Unite

    There are so many companies streaming these days that I just don't see how they can survive as is. How long before they realize people are not going to go for 13 different streaming services. Seems to me they are going to start getting together to bundle these services and we will be right back...
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    Movie Roll Call: What have you seen lately?

    Mulan. I did enjoy it but seems like Disney films are missing something these days. Can't quite put my finger on what it is though.
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    Hello all. Rollie from Orangevale

    Welcome Ron, glad you could join us.
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    Hello. Another from Ottawa canada

    Hello Rich, welcome aboard.
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    Movie Roll Call: What have you seen lately?

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Another well crafted Tarantino film. Kept me engaged throughout. Next up in my Netflix queue is Ford v Ferrari.
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    Show us your mains!

    Picture is a little dated but...
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    Mad Max: Fury Road

    Was an entertaining, non-stop, full throttle action film. Pretty much a reimagined remake of The Road Warrior with a few changes here and there.
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    Movie Roll Call: What have you seen lately?

    A bit on the fence with Gemini Man. I thought it was a pretty good popcorn action film with a very mediocre plot line. Still undecided on how I feel about the tech that created a young Will Smith.
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    Movie Roll Call: What have you seen lately?

    Friday double feature was Terminator: Dark Fate and Gemini Man. Yeah, I'm a bit behind.
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    So living in an apartment these days and I find the HVAC is kind of annoying when trying to watch TV or a movie so I decided to try another set of Bluetooth headphones. Picked up a set of MPOW H19IPO from Amazon. Priced at $39 with a $10 Amazon coupon and a $10 Amazon gift card included in the...
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    History Channel: Grant

    I watched most of this but have not quite been able to catch all of each episode. Sure wish History would go back to being The History Channel. Grant reminds me of when The History Channel churned out a lot of very good programming rather than the majority cash grab reality T.V. garbage it spews...
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