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Apr 17, 2017
My AV System  
Preamp, Processor or Receiver
Denon 3805
Main Amp
Acurus A250
Additional Amp
Acurus 200X3
Front Speakers
RBH Signature Classic 1266-SE
Center Channel Speaker
RBH Signature Classic 661-SE
Surround Speakers
RBH Signature Classic 66-SE
RBH Signature Classic 1212-SE
Other Speakers or Equipment
Kenwood CT-406
Video Display Device
Other Equipment
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (DC)
So living in an apartment these days and I find the HVAC is kind of annoying when trying to watch TV or a movie so I decided to try another set of Bluetooth headphones. Picked up a set of MPOW H19IPO from Amazon. Priced at $39 with a $10 Amazon coupon and a $10 Amazon gift card included in the box. For about $20 bucks these are pretty good. To my ears the sound is better than some higher end headphones I've listened to, slightly bass heavy with well balanced treble. This is the first pair of headphones I've owned that have ANC so I'm not sure how they compare but I'd say they are only fair on that account. I can tell a difference when I have it turned on but they really don't cancel out that much outside noise unless the volume is pretty high. All-in-all I'm very pleased with this purchase.
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