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    Verification of correction filter

    Hulk - Thanks, that's a reasonable suggestion and easy enough to do.
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    Verification of correction filter

    The signal flow in my system is Roon -> Raspberry PI USB -> Topping D10B SPDIF-> Benchmark DAC -> Linkwitz Orion 3-way analog XO -> Power amplifiers -> speakers. When using AL to measure the system, a laptop running AL 6.17 replaces the Raspberry PI and a mini-DSP UMIK is used to capture...
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    AL H/W or S/W Appliance?

    Why aren't you using the DDRC-22D for convolution instead of the ATOM DN2800MT? Isn't the miniDSP adequate for this task? I am considering the purchase of a miniDSP product such as the 22D for this purpose.
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